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Good or better picture then the cameras I had

I added this camera to my existing Lorex 1080p system. It did not come with any cables or power supply but I did have extra cables and power cable so it's wasn't an issue. I connected it to my DVR and it was up and running no tuning or anything. The picture was the same or better than my original 1080p Lorex maybe the Lorex up sells its systems. This camera is very nice you will be happy my Lorex is 2000LVH I will be getting one more dome camera for the side door in the future as these are nice and small, they blend in to the surroundings very cell. Thanks

Shankarlal Choudhary
Dahua 1Megapixel 720P Water-proof IR HDCVI Mini Metal Dome 3.6mm Lens Camera

October 20, 2015

Great Camera

Great camera, especially for the price. The machining on the mounting ring and mount left a bit to be desired. Make sure you don't over-tighten when playing with it. Once its tight, its a real pain in the butt to disassemble. This is not really a big deal, since once its mounted, it'll probably never be touched again.

David John
Dahua 2.4Megapixel 1080P IR HDCVI Mini Indoor Metal Dome Camera 3.6mm Lens

April 22, 2016

Very nicely-built decent product

After an extensive research on security camera I decided I neeed one that has the following features: 1. Weather proof, vandal proof 2. high definition (1024+) and night vision 3. connected by IP network: remote monitor, email alert, etc. 4. expandable 5. low profile, concealed 6. power on ethernet (POE), or wireless All these requirements led me to theIPC-HDBW4800E dome. Dahua is a Chinese company, but don't be fooled by the fact that they are in China. Checked out their website and I can feel that this is a solid company that makes professional and robust products.Their website also has dimension drawings, high resulution image of the product, and product spec sheet. Amazon prime delivered the camera in two days. The camera was nicely packed in a round air cusion. The base and housing are made of steel. The dark glass dome is very strong (you can feel it). The hole where the cables go thru the base was sealed with epoxy type of material. There is an rubber o-ring between the base and the housing, and it was routed in a way inner to the 3 hex screw holes that connect the base and housing and the other 3 screw holes that connect base to wall/ceiling, so that even all those screw holes might be exposed to rain, water won't penetrate into the housing. There is a bag of silicone dessicant inside the housing. Very good design at first impression (at least from my non-professional point of view).

Andy Z.
Dahua 4K Ultra HD 4mm Lens Network PoE IR Mini CCTV IP Security Dome Camera

Jun 15, 2014


So far this camera is awesome much much better than my analog cameras, especially at night! At night I have a large yard light over my driveway which I'm sure helps. Definitely recommend going to the new cvi Technology. I have some riff raff in the area and my old cameras simply were not clear enough to ever be able to make any kind of positive i.d. which made it very frustrating.

Dahua 2.4Megapixel Full HD 1080P Waterproof HDCVI IR-Bullet Camera 6mm Lens

May 22, 2015

OUTSTANDING Performance Day or Night.

Let me start by saying that the image quality is OUTSTANDING, and that applies to DAY or NIGHT. The IR Illuminator is far superior to the typical multi LED emitters found on most cameras. It lights up our 80' pool deck as if there were a flood light on it all night. This is NOT a PTZ camera - I initially thought it was but was disappointed to discover that it's all manual push and twist. Loosen a set screw and twist the turrent for lateral position and longitudinal position is accomplished with a strong push on the turrent ball up or down. I have the 2.8mm lens and I'm ordering 2 more. This unit does NOT come with a PS. It does include an IP-66 rated outdoor Ethernet RJ-45e cable dongle connector. It does have a power port dongle that you'll need to use to temporarily connect a user supplied 12v PS to for initial setup with a laptop or off-network PC - after that POE works to provide power, so you'll need a POE network to get power to it. The instruction manual is NOT written in English. The CD that comes with it is NOT written in English. It does NOT have provisions for audio. Once you get into the web UI, the default login is "admin" and pw is "12345". Make sure you go through all of the various menus and change/disable the things you don't need hackers or snoopers to easily exploit. Now with all of the negatives, the fact that it has such a superior video quality at a phenomenal high resolution with little or no jitter over my GB network, I give it 5 stars.

D. Francis
Hikvision HD 3MP IP ICR CCTV Surveillance Network Waterproof EXIR Dome Camera PoE

March 25, 2015

Great Camera

Great camera, especially for the price. The machining on the mounting ring and mount left a bit to be desired. Make sure you don't over-tighten when playing with it. Once its tight, its a real pain in the butt to disassemble. This is not really a big deal, since once its mounted, it'll probably never be touched again.

David John
Dahua 2.4Megapixel 1080P IR HDCVI Mini Indoor Metal Dome Camera 3.6mm Lens

April 22, 2016

The. Best. Compact. IP. Cam.

It's been a year now since I got 4 of these compact cams. Two of them used as baby cams. I bought them for $170, now you can find them as low as $100. Even though Hikvision introduced security features for the Chinese firmware cams where you have deal with firmware hacking to get English language they are still the best IP cams with rock solid firmware and excellent IQ. I have been running them on version 5.1.0 for a long time, but recently upgraded to 5.2.0 and I was surprised to see that IQ was improved at night. I also purchased other Hikvision domes and they are pretty good as well, but I still prefer these compact cams for indoor home use. Keep in mind if you purchase Chinese version and you will want to upgrade firmware it's not a straight forward process, but there are guides available in many IP cam forums.

Hikvision 3MP IR Cube IP Network Microphone Wireless Camera POE Wi-Fi PIR Detection

March 6, 2016


Pretty happy with my purchase so far. The NVR is fast and responsive and the web interface is pretty functional. If you've used the web interface on individual Hikvision cams, then you'll be right at home using this NVR. It is noticeably snappier though which is probably due to faster hardware. The plug and play capability of this NVR is great. Plug a Hikvision camera into any of the 8 POE ports and the NVR will instantly recognize it and start using it. There was nothing I needed to do other than enable a particular recording schedule for each camera on the NVR (Motion, Continuous, Line Crossing, ect). One interesting thing when I first plugged in my hard drives and fired up the NVR is that it's internal alarm beeper kept going off. This is simply the NVR alarm for a HDD error and it goes away as soon as you format the hard drives within the NVR's web interface. Alternatively, you can just turn the alarm off as well. If you've used Hikvision Cube cameras, you'll notice this same thing when you insert microSD card and it hasn't yet been formatted.

J. W.
Hikvision 8 Channel HD 1080P 80Mbps 6MP Gigabit Network 8PoE Embedded NVR 2 SATA

March 18, 2015

Excellent NVR - installed it with 4 Dahua 3M pixel ...

Excellent NVR - installed it with 4 Dahua 3M pixel cameras and a 4TB media hardest. There is a learning curve regarding the software - so this is not an average consumer device. I would however highly recommend it for the expert. The NVR has the highest Mbs recording bandwidth of this price class. Works for over 1 month without problems. My only nit picking problem : The built in power supply fan is pretty loud (40mm fan) and its always on full speed. They should spring for a temperature controlled fan.

Dahua 8CH 1U Gigabit NVR 200Mbps 5MP 8PoE ONVIF 2.4 2 SATA 8TB Two-way Talk

February 2, 2015

Very Easy Hookup, Great Sound as Advertised

Hooks right inline with your existing 12v security camera, came quickly, hookup diagram available upon request from seller. I can hear clearly with no buzzing or humming, bugs, birds, planes, etc . . .awesome! Definitly a good buy if your looking for a add on microphone, highly recommended.

Nikola Tesla
Security Mic CCTV Microphone Spy Mini Audio Hidden RCA Power In/Out Pickup

April 27, 2014

I'm happy....

Great camera, especially for the price. I had a camera with a 6mm lens, but I need a little more reach and this done the trick, I'm happy.

Rl Shuey
1/2.5" 8mm 3MP F2.4 CS Mount Fixed Focus Lens for CCTV HD Camera

April 26, 2014

So Far so good!

We have had these up for about a week and so far so good. We have four outside and one inside and we definitely feel much safer at night. The TV screen we have it on is great picture and you can also look at it through your phone. Very simple setup. Definitely get a Wi-Fi adapter and it will work with the app

Stevie D
EFOSE CCTV 8CH H.264 Full 960H Realtime Record P2P Security Standalone DVR HDMI

April 16, 2016